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VR Monetization

Flo VR ads focus on rewarding users. From a recent survey
taken, almost 80% of players confirmed they are open to engaging with
video ads for in-game rewards. User conversion rates when rewards are
involved are between 60 to 70%. And it’s very likely that the triple win for
advertisers/game developers/publishers, along with the positive experience for players mentioned earlier, is the very reason rewarded video ads are growing in popularity.

Integrate and Start Monetizing With Ease

We know your busy, so Flo Likes to make it very simple for our developer partners to integrate with the Flo 360 Ad Server. Simply drop a few lines of code (FLO SDK) into your project, and within an hour we can be serving 360 degree, 2d videos ads, rewarded video, gazed base ad’s and interactive web gl scenes to your users.

Join us and start making profit with your VR games and VR experiences.

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FLO 360 Features

  • Low Latency 360 Video Playback

    Flo’s transcoding tech enables super fast 360 video load times, with no lag!

  • Multiple VR Ad Formats

    Flo VR offers advertisers and developers a whole suite of different VR ad formats to choose from. Everything from Pre Roll to Native VR ads. Also we offer an amazing new ad format called VR product sampling.

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

    Our platform is ported for all major VR headsets. Including Daydream, Gear, Vive and Rift. Works for both IOS and Android OS’s. Also Our 360 mobile SDK works on all major mobile devices and web browsers with no VR head set needed.

  • Built In Analytics

    Our heat mapping and head tracking software help determine where users are looking most in VR worlds, to determine where best to place VR ads. This is also great for VR developers as it helps determine asset placement while developing your awesome VR experiences.

  • State of the Art Artificial Intelligence

    Flo’s bidding algorithms process over 500K queries per second and responds within milliseconds to ensure you are reaching the right users at the right time.

  • Self Server VR Ad Wizard

    The Flo 360 platform allows developers and advertisers to upload their VR experiences in minutes, and launch global campaigns with ease! We’ll walk you through it once, and then it’s all you!

Choose the best suited VR Ad Unit for your VR Experience

Pre - Roll 360 Video

5 -10 second or 15- 30 second 360 VR video experiences / trailers  are launched before your VR experience begins.

WebGL Interactive

An interactive experience where user controls the branded experience. Followed by a rewarded product sample.

VR Product Sampling

Gazed Base Interactive Reward Ad – A 3d object, logo or icon is placed in the VR world. When a user stares at the object, it opens up into 360 branded commercial. After the commercial is played the user is rewarded with a prize.

Native VR

3D user initiated product placements blended into your game’s native environment.

Check Out Flo 360 In Action

FLO 360 is a state of the art VR advertising platform that delivers VR experiences globally, we look forward to creating some  unforgettable VR experiences with you!  Check out our  brief demo video.

Flo Virtual Reality Advertising

Download Our Unity SDK

Get in touch with us to learn more about what Flo’s got on the go!

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