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Flo VR Clients
Flo VR Clients
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Flo VR Clients
Flo VR Clients


For the brand and user the intimacy of VR advertising is second to none, It’s a new and exciting medium to tell a powerful story in a way that’s much more personal and up close than brands are normally able to do. Placing the user right in the 360 scenario and allowing them to control the ad is one of the absolute best ways for a brand to connect with a consumer.

Flo’s got all of your VR needs covered. We can help you build the most high impact, immersive VR brand experiences and then launch them on a global scale, offering you the perfect turnkey VR AD solution.

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3D Product Placement

Native 3D product placement allows us to blend 3d objects, logos and icons seamlessly into VR environments creating a very natural and non-intrusive VR ad experience. We call it VR Sampling, a perfect synergy where product sampling meets virtual reality.

3D Object VR advertising

VR AD Types

  • Pre-Roll 360 Video Ads

    Launch your 360 video commercials to millions of VR users worldwide.

  • 3d Product Placement

    Flo VR product sampling is here and its amazing. Showcase you products in some of the best VR Titles in the world. When the player stares at your branded 3d object for a second, a 360 VR experience begins, followed by a reward being emailed to the player. Talk to one of Flo’s brand ambassadors to find out more!

  • 2D Native VR Ads

    2D Native VR Ads seamlessly placed  into VR environments where users can choose to interact with the ad, or keep playing  the game. This creates a non – intrusive VR ad experience, where ad impressions don’t cost a thing.

Flo VR 360 Video
  • Web Gl Ads

    Immersive user initiated experiences where the player becomes immersed in a VR Scene.  Puzzles, mini -games, VR test drives, the possibilities are endless. Allow VR players to take control of the commercial with your WEB GL VR branded experience.

  • Rewarded 360 Video Ads

    Rewarded Video has proven to be a huge success in the mobile ad industry. Rewarded video in VR is going to twice as awesome. Reward users with your products after they view your immersive VR  branded experiences.

  • 360 Video for Web and Mobile

    Launch your 360 video ads through our mobile and web network.  We didn’t want to exclude mobile and web ads from our offerings, so we built our 360 Sdk to work with all mobile devices and all major web browsers.  Our network contains approximately 30,000 apps and has the ability to reach 1 Billion mostly users.

FLO 360 Features

  • Low Latency 360 Video Playback

    Flo’s transcoding tech enables super fast 360 video load times, with no lag!

  • Multiple VR Ad Formats

    Flo VR offers advertisers and developers a whole suite of different VR ad formats to choose from. Everything from Pre Roll to Native VR ads. Also we offer an amazing new ad format called VR product sampling.

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

    Our platform is ported for all major VR headsets. Including Daydream, Gear, Vive and Rift. Works for both IOS and Android OS’s. Also Our 360 mobile SDK works on all major mobile devices and web browsers with no VR head set needed.

  • Built In Analytics

    Our heat mapping and head tracking software help determine where users are looking most in VR worlds, to determine where best to place VR ads. This is also great for VR developers as it helps determine asset placement while developing your awesome VR experiences.

  • State of the Art Artificial Intelligence

    Flo’s bidding algorithms process over 500K queries per second and responds within milliseconds to ensure you are reaching the right users at the right time.

  • Self Server VR Ad Wizard

    The Flo 360 platform allows developers and advertisers to upload their VR experiences in minutes, and launch global campaigns with ease! We’ll walk you through it once, and then it’s all you!

Find out how easy it is to launch a national VR campaign with Flo’s VR AD wizard.

Virtual Reality ad units

360 Video For Mobile and Web

Flo VR Network

Flo is connected to a few of the biggest mobile ad networks on the planet, with access to over 30,000 apps and 1 billion active monthly users.

VR Ready

Don’t worry our 360 mobile ads are also VR ready with our one touch vr button.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Our 360 video tags work with all major web browsers and all mobile devices.


Choose the exact audience your brand is looking to reach with our super intelligent Ad Wizard!

Built In Artificial Intelligence


We use Mathematical learning, behavioural analysis and matching algorithms developed using cutting edge statistical Artificial Intelligence and modelling techniques based around he latest “Big Data” management methodologies.

What does it Deliver? It’s simple. It delivers the right advertisements to the right users and provides everyone involved with what they want, when they want it.

Scope Out Our Ad Wizard

FLO 360 is a state of the art VR advertising platform that delivers VR experiences globally, we look forward to creating some  unforgettable VR experiences with you!  Check out our  brief demo video.

Flo Virtual Reality Advertising

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